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Communicating During Emergencies

During times of crisis, when circumstances require that changes be made to our normal activities, it's important to commuicate early and often. Recent news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted both federal and local governments to place restrictions on event attendance. These changes have greatly impacted how we meet for worship. Your ability to inform members of your congregation of these changes is critical to reducing panic, confusion and better prepare them to pray and plan.

grplife has numerous tools to help facilitate these communication needs. Below is the list of communication tools available to account owners in our platform. If you require assistance using any of these features, please contact us via or by clicking the chat icon on our homepage (

SMS (Text Messaging)
Likely one of the most popular tools for fast, high-reach messaging, our SMS tool allows you to send text messages to contacts in your account, based upon their group membership. Messages are sent to each contact, asking first that they consent to receive. Your account includes 1000 SMS messages (incoming and outgoing) per month; additional credits can be purchased in $10 increments.

Email Communication Tool
Our email communication tool allows you to send formatted, templated (optional), messages to contacts in your database. Recipients don't need user accounts on the system to receive these, and they can opt out as needed. When messages are sent, you're able to track reach within the dashboard to know who did or did not receive or open them. Replies to messages will appear in the email panel.

Phone Tree Messages
If you'd like to reach our members by phone, our Phone Tree module allows you to record a voice message, schedule it for delivery and have it arrive to your contacts at the designated time. This is a great tool for urgent notices and is one of the most guaranteed means of reaching the congregation. It is also helpful for those who are visually impaired. Ensure that those in your body save the phone number associated with your grplife account to their contacts so the message won't be deemed spam. Your account includes 100 phone tree calls to contacts per month. Additional credits may be purchased at $10 and $15 increments.

Mobile Push Messaging
For those with branded apps and users that login with your site code to the grplife app, you can submit mobile push notifications using the Mobile Push module. These messages display as standard banner and home screen notifications. Note, however, that if users have disabled receipt of these notices messages will not appear.

Feed Posts
Those who have registered for accounts at your site can receive notifications via email and mobile push when they're submitted to the feed. These messages are delivered based upon the group for which they're destined. All users of the grplife platform should be familiar with this feature.



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